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Monthly Archives: August 2009

The Grand Remodel: Before the walls come tumbling down (pre-construction)

We’ve signed our construction contract, and have about a month to prepare for the renovations. There are quite a few things to get done, such as: Removal of lingering debris in our yard, to make room for workers and materials. Likely to schedule a hauling service for this. Declutter our study, to make room for […]

Zucchini cilantro soup

At one of our favorite fanschy-schmancy restaurants, The Village Pub, I had a lovely zucchini soup lightly flavored with something lemony: lemon zest, lemongrass, or lemon verbena — I wasn’t sure which. But this got me thinking of another way to get through our large supply of zucchinis: make soup! My recipe is an adaptation […]

The Grand Remodel: The Design Phase

Wow! So we’ve got this complex project. How do we start designing it? What has been helping a lot is having a designer who offers sensible (and interesting!) options, as well as explaining jargon along the way.