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The Grand Remodel: Before the walls come tumbling down (pre-construction)

We’ve signed our construction contract, and have about a month to prepare for the renovations. There are quite a few things to get done, such as:

  1. Removal of lingering debris in our yard, to make room for workers and materials. Likely to schedule a hauling service for this.
  2. Declutter our study, to make room for more, ah, stuff (e.g., furniture).
  3. Obtain building permits; actually will be done by our design+build contractor.
  4. Obtain construction schedule, relevant contractor and subcontractor contact information, etc.
  5. Continue to research fixtures and cabinetry quotes. (Tangent: I’d like to point out that I remain surprised that the cost of a sink and faucet costs more than a dishwasher. WTF? Oh wait, it’s ‘coz we want single-hole, two-lever faucets which are not in fashion, hard-to-find, and therefore more expensive. Yay, market economy. >:-( )
  6. Look into some “portable” storage we can have onsite, to store the stuff from the backroom, kitchen, garage (partial), and front living room (partial). PODS have come to mind.
  7. Actually move the stuff in #6! Note to self: Scrounge up boxes.
  8. Freecycle or donate items we no longer want or need which are useable. Like those fireplace irons, grate and screen.
  9. Possibly purchase, or rent, temporary kitchen tools: hot plate, small fridge… Open to advice as to what would be indispensable. 🙂
  10. Maintain (or attempt to) refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer, etc., in the garage during construction. We’ve got quite a bit of frozen and preserved goods we don’t want to lose.
  11. Research temporary housing options if and when we’d need to live offsite.
  12. Something else we’ve forgotten. Ha!

We’d really want to stay as long as possible onsite, for obvious financial reasons. However, at least one phase will prevent us from literally walking around: When the hardwood floors will be refinished; they require three to five days for drying of multiple coat applications.

Anyhow, if things work out, construction should take about five months, give or take.

Have a suggestion or related anecdote we’d find useful, or at least amusing? Do share! (And, again, thanks.)

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  1. Anita wrote:

    We set up a temporary kitchen space in our laundry room; we already had a fridge in the garage. For us, the indispensable stuff was a large toaster oven (which would probably be replaced with a microwave for normal people!) and a two-burner portable stove. (You’re welcome to borrow the latter if you like. 🙂 ) We also brought the food processor, and we used it a lot more than we do normally, just because it made slicing, grating, etc a lot quicker.

    We also put one of those plastic laundry-room sinks-on-legs in the shower so we’d have someplace vaguely ergonomic to do our washing-up (our bathroom sink was too small). It meant we had to scrub the shower floor every time, but we’d have had to do that even if we’d used a washtub (and wrecked our knees/backs). And we grilled as much as we could.

    Pix of our temporary setup are here
    ..although this just shows our single-burner “stove” — we bought the two-burner unit very quickly.

    Feel free to ping me if you need more details. And good luck!

    Monday, 24 August 2009 at 10:01 pm | Permalink

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