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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Roasted corn and barley tea

When I’m at a Korean restaurant I try to get roasted corn (oksusu cha) or roasted barley (bori cha) tea. Both have a refreshing earthy flavor, without any caffeine. Even though it’s no longer summer over here, the teas are great chilled for the hot Californian days. My version combines both corn and barley. The […]


Homemade moussaka always seems to be a prolonged, multi-step process. But, oh so tasty. Especially since you can choose what goes in it! Some people love adding carrots and zucchini, but as much as I love those, I prefer to keep the texture simple with the eggplant and potatoes as the vegetable layers.

TCHO: nutty, fruity & chocolatey

This year I’ve been watching the progress of TCHO, a new San Franciscan chocolate maker. We’re lucky there are four chocolate producers within the Bay Area: Ghiradelli, Scharffen Berger, Guittard, and now TCHO. Ghiradelli isn’t bad, but their flavored varieties are somewhat uninspired and feel waxy-plasticy in the mouth. Scharffen Berger’s chocolate I find too […]

iPhone note & checklist apps (Part 1, likely)

I’ve decided to limit this article to note and checklist (to-do) applications for the iPhone that are free. I might cover similar non-free productivity apps in a later entry, such as SplashShopper, or Yojimbo if BareBones release an iPhone app. My list below might seem short, considering there are a multitude of to-do list apps. […]