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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Young Scrub Jays in the garden

We have a scrawny fig tree that bears fruit annually, but we rarely get more than a taste. I’ve often suspected birds as the culprits. WENK. Wenk wenk wenk! Now I have proof: young Western Scrub Jay bossing over backyard fig tree! Okay, only indirect proof, since none of the pictures actually showed the bird’s […]

Salmorejo, a creamy gazpacho without cream

While making room in the freezer for this year’s batch of tomato sauce, I came upon several containers of same from previous years. What to do? Make soup! It wasn’t until Simon made the homemade variety that I ever dared to touch tomato soup —after a childhood (and adulthood) of making wrinkled faces at the […]

Seeking iPhone apps for lists & notes, plus the inevitable Pain of Palm

The Search for iPhone applications Has Begun! First up is replacing the Palm Memos (notes) and checklist tools. While these are usually labeled as productivity apps, I really don’t need full-blown project management, like with a Getting Things Done (GTD) app. Nor do I need to-do lists that’ll sync up with, because I’d rather […]

Hello iPhone …and hello extraneous iCal notes?!

In my usual late-adopter fashion, I only recently made the move to an iPhone 3G from a Palm Treo 650. (The change was precipitated by worry over more frequent Treo crashes, chronic dissatisfaction with syncing, and a growing annoyance with Verizon’s website —rather than from Shiny Gadget Curiosity. Obviously, such Curiosity is now amply present!) […]

Tomato sauce, or, food mill capitulation

The tomatoes came later than usual this year(1), with the peak happening starting last week, and probably not lasting for much longer. Less heat this season, I think, especially since the beefsteak-type Big Rainbows(2) have yet to get beyond the green stage. Nonetheless, we still have plenty of tomatoes to keep us company. Making sauce […]

Issues with updated WordPress plugins

A bunch of WordPress plugins I use have been recently updated. For the most part, updating went smoothly and the newer versions remain shiny and useful. Alas, confusion cropped up with a few of ’em: CyStats, Filosofo Comments Preview (vs. WP-OpenID), Redirection, Search Everything, and Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP).

Comics from the past: T through Z

Part 4 of 4 in a series of brief summary-reviews of comic books I’ve read in the past. This article covers titles beginning with T though Z.

Comics from the past: N through S

Part 3 of 4 in a series of brief summary-reviews of comic books I’ve read in the past. This article covers titles beginning with N though S. I’ve also denoted recommended comics with the lightbulb ( 💡 ) icon.