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Young Scrub Jays in the garden

We have a scrawny fig tree that bears fruit annually, but we rarely get more than a taste. I’ve often suspected birds as the culprits.

scrowlie jay in fig treeWENK. Wenk wenk wenk!

Now I have proof: young Western Scrub Jay bossing over backyard fig tree! Okay, only indirect proof, since none of the pictures actually showed the bird’s beak snorfing in the fruit. Though I certainly do see a lot of that. When looking through the lens I must’ve had the anthropomorphic desire (bad habit?) for the bird to look at me, rather than stuff its face. ;-P

Things of course get louder when a mockingbird comes over to eye the figs. Along with another adult jay (with an acorn in its mouth), yelling at the young one. “Hey! Stop with the fruit fast food, and help out with the food storage chores!”

Since I’m not huge fig fan, this fruit loss doesn’t disappoint me much. I view it more as end of summer avian entertainment. 😉

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