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Lime and mint syrup

I had an accumulation of limes sitting on our counter, and rather than squeezing them one or two at a time to make citrus water or soda chanh, I made lime-mint syrup. It’s easy: make a concentrated simple syrup, add flavorings, infuse, filter, then store. I’d imagine that this syrup would also work in cocktails […]

Lime curd with a hint of ginger

We’ve got a Bearss lime tree in a large ex-wine barrel. The peak of the crop, in the past, has been during the dead of winter, December through February. But starting this year, somehow the tree started to offer ripe fruit over a wider period. Like, dropping them frequently over the past couple months. While […]

Lime & mint ice cream

When I saw this no-cook ice cream recipe, I was inspired to use up a bunch of limes sitting on the kitchen counter, before they got too wrinkled and dry! Also, to make something that reminded me of key lime pie, minus the eggs and custard-making procedure, and the crust. The result was refreshing, like […]