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WonderCon 2007

It has been five years since I last attended a comic book convention. Last Sunday I broke that spell of inactivity, and attended WonderCon in San Francisco with Kathleen.

Alternative Press Expo 1999

I went to the 6th annual Alternative Press Expo (APE), but unlike the previous year I spent only one day there. There were a couple factors: (1) Getting over Bronchitis from Hell and (2) I had already seen so many of the creators the previous year that I walked through the tables more quickly. Had […]

Alternative Press Expo 1998

I rarely go to conventions, but I recently went to the Alternative Press Expo (APE V) in San José. Exciting and draining to both my system and pocketbook. If possible, will be there again next year. Now I have a pile of books to plow through; a couple already made it to my favorites list, […]