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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, week 2

There are a couple things I learned by the second week of construction. First, the combination of house chaos and being sick simply won’t work for getting up really early. As much as it’s good to have the contractors in at 7am and out by 3:30pm, adaptation to such a schedule just did not work […]

The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, week 1

The first week of construction had a lot going: All of the demolition, excavation for the addition, some initial interior framing, and forms for the addition. The addition — the future dining-living room and part of the new kitchen — will replace for the Ugly Back Room, at the same location but with a slightly […]

The Grand Remodel: Pictures before construction

Wondering what the remodeled portions of the house looked like before they were torn down? Go ahead and check out the gallery, but I’ve included some summary pictures here. The back yard (outdoors) view of the back room that was torn down. This region will be replaced with a Newer, Better addition that’ll include the […]

The Grand Remodel: Before the walls come tumbling down (pre-construction)

We’ve signed our construction contract, and have about a month to prepare for the renovations. There are quite a few things to get done, such as: Removal of lingering debris in our yard, to make room for workers and materials. Likely to schedule a hauling service for this. Declutter our study, to make room for […]

The Grand Remodel: The Design Phase

Wow! So we’ve got this complex project. How do we start designing it? What has been helping a lot is having a designer who offers sensible (and interesting!) options, as well as explaining jargon along the way.

The Grand Remodel: Resources, so far

Here are some remodeling resources, divided into organizations and books. It’s too early for me to lay down nitty-gritty advice on how to screen and handle designers and contractors. That might be more appropriate for a post-construction entry — y’know, after going through the experience? 🙂 Then again, I might omit much of that aspect […]

The Grand Remodel: The Prelude

After nearly a decade, we’ve decided it’s time. Time to rid ourselves of another eyesore in the house, the ill-conceived, strangely constructed-with-permits Backroom of Doom. But in reality this project is complex, because of how our place is arranged and our usage patterns. Thus it deserves a more honest title: the Big, Scary Remodel, including, […]

Books read in 2009

Thus a round-up of books read in 2009. Late in coming, I know; I blame the remodeling. O:-) Comics Fiction Non-fiction Art monographs Unfinished Once again, I’ve marked recommended titles with the lightbulb icon, 💡 .

Tomato and eggplant curry

We might be without a kitchen right now, but we do have several containers in the freezer that provide some easily zappable meals. One of these is a tomato and eggplant curry, a sweet reminder of the past summer — especially nice during this recent bout of cold and wet.

Ongoing comics I read

I’m chronically in need of more bookshelf space. The shelves creak with their burden of books, and boxes quickly fill up and accumulate. Strangely enough, though, the number of comics I read which are actively updated and published is actually on the small side. It also helps that several of them are or have become […]