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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Brussels sprouts & cauliflower gratin topped with panko+nuts

Hellllooo, Winter! Brussels sprouts and cauliflower star in this cheesy, creamy seasonal dish. Mine is a somewhat lighter version of the Epicurious recipe, taking copious hints from comments mentioning how heavy the original felt. Already crisp panko breadcrumbs gave me a head-start, so I didn’t need to fry the topping. I also added cornstarch to […]

Upside down fruit tarts, er, improvised Tatin

[Yipes, nearly three months since I’ve posted an entry! I’ve been busy with cooking and whatnot, just haven’t gotten to the writing bit for some time. Thank you for your patience.] Okay, so maybe not quite a tarte Tatin, since we serve these tarts with the crust topside, to reduce the sogginess factor. These are […]