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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Clam & mussel chowder

With today’s overcast skies and hints of rain and chilliness, it’s looking more like Autumn. And so another meal-in-a-bowl recipe, this time the comforting goodness of chowder. (Hey! Both this and the last recipe started with frying up bacon. What’s with that? Need you ask? The Answer: Bacon saves.) If you really don’t like mussels, […]

Americans say chicken stewed in red wine; French say Coq au Vin

Over here in the West, Autumn hasn’t decided yet to descend upon us. But when the weather does turn cold, it’s hard for me to resist tender poultry steeped in a rich sauce. This recipe is adapted from the coq au vin recipe in The Joy of Cooking. Many steps, but worth the time. It’s […]

Extended Live Archives (ELA) plugin works, finally

It’s sad when a useful tool becomes rusty and is then abandoned. I liked how the Extended Live Archives plugin (ELA) for WordPress very neatly arranged my archives page. ELA stopped functioning with version 2.3 of the blog application. However, thanks to TinYau (天佑) and Jason Hansen, their efforts made ELA finally work with the […]