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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Steamed coconut rice pudding: a variation on bibingka

One Filipino dessert I enjoy is bibingka. That is, if it doesn’t contain rising agents that leave a nasty, astringent aftertaste. Unfortunately, many of the local Filipino bakeries “cheat” and add far too much baking soda or powder, which detract from the sticky goodness. I prefer rice over cassava bibingkas, mainly because I’ve yet to […]

Finally upgraded my theme…

Another hiatus ended! Two sets of reasons: Quite a bit of on-then-off-then-on-again housework being done within the last few months, which caused some schedule chaos. (But: New bookshelves in the living room! New garage door! Ancient, hazardous gas heater finally removed! New storage loft in garage!) And then I decided to not post another entry […]