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Preserved Meyer lemons

Every two or three years, our Meyer lemon tree has a boom season where all we see are fruits covering and weighing down the branches, as if the leaves have gone on vacation. This is one of those years. Other than using them in nearly every savory dish, not to mention lemon curd and lemonade, […]

Pickled red onions are even better

After posting the pickled radish recipe, I got a hankering for onions made in a similar fashion. You know what? I like them even better than the radishes. They ended up rather versatile, as we found many uses for quickly pickled onions: soups, sandwiches, falafel, pizza, sautés, eggs, rice bowls, pasta, etc. As an aside, […]

Quick radish pickle

Back in high school, when my taste in foods was just barely starting to broaden, my friend Kim N. fed me and our friends Vietnamese salad rolls (gỏi cuốn) and spring rolls (chả giò) after school. Ever since then I’ve loved that cuisine! I recently got back in touch with Kim, and during one of […]

Preserved green satsumas

Our bush-like satsuma tree had so many fruit on it that the branches were threatening to break. “Time to thin down.” The prospect of throwing out, even into the compost, nearly half of the satsumas made me feel guilty. That is, until I realized I could treat the underripe fruit like lemons, and preserved them. […]