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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Gallery RSS feed URL has changed

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded images to my (food) gallery, so allow me to say that a few more have trickled in. O:-) I should also mention with the latest version of Zenphoto, the RSS feed —if you view my photos that way— has been changed. The new RSS feed URL is now […]

Cauliflower with black garlic, anchovies & white wine

There was a head of cauliflower sitting in the vegetable box in the refrigerator. I didn’t feel like steaming it, or making a gratin, but wanted a dish that was flavorful yet on the lighter side. Jeremy F. had mused about cooking this veg with anchovies and garlic, and I thought, “Hey, that does sound […]

What’s wrong with prunes in sticky caramel pudding?

Nuffingk. Nuffingk at all. Nor is adding five-spice powder. “What? What?” you ask. Yes, warm sticky pudding made with prunes and dates, especially if one runs out of dates but finds a nearly full bag of prunes, and especially with five-spice and ginger and cardamom — “Bwah! Madness!” you exclaim. Ah, but this pudding does […]