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Adventures in recipes, restaurants and other food topics.

Orange cake with browned butter, and draped in chocolate ganache

[Actually made this cake nearly a year and a half ago!] Browned butter adds a hint of nuttiness to this cake without adding nuts. Because this cake is made with the sponge technique, rather than a creamed-butter-and-sugar one, it’d be drier without a syrup, so I’ve added that as well. Also, because three is such […]

Apricot brandy with orange and vanilla

It’s strange given my love of apricots that I had not made apricot liqueur. Last summer I finally did, using an inexpensive brandy from Trader Joe’s, an orange, and some vanilla sugar. I filtered out the fruit solids after steeping for 4 months—using a double layer of fine butter muslin over a fine sieve. The […]

Lime curd with a hint of ginger

We’ve got a Bearss lime tree in a large ex-wine barrel. The peak of the crop, in the past, has been during the dead of winter, December through February. But starting this year, somehow the tree started to offer ripe fruit over a wider period. Like, dropping them frequently over the past couple months. While […]

Meyer lemon, ginger and vanilla liqueur

It’s been many years since I’ve made my own alcoholic fruit infusions, and this being a boom Meyer lemon year encouraged me to get back into the habit. Sure, there are many recipes around for limoncello, but I wanted something different. Something with a bit more kick (ginger!), yet a bit more floral (vanilla!). I’ve […]

Tips to ease the making of pastry dough

Making pastry crusts for tarts (or pies) has always been tricky for me. Recently I learned a couple things which made the process much easier. First, rather than storing the pastry dough in a ball or thick slab, rolling it out in a large zip bag saves time and effort. Second, storing the dough in […]

Honey fromage blanc ice cream, plus a drink

One of my strongest food memories from France was stopping at a roadside shack in Provence, run by an grizzled, bearded man with a Harley-Davidson out front. It was a warm summer day, and we were hungry and thirsty. Maybe try this fromage-miel-something-something? Out comes a nearly overflowing parfait glass (a.k.a., sundae glass) filled with […]

Lime & mint ice cream

When I saw this no-cook ice cream recipe, I was inspired to use up a bunch of limes sitting on the kitchen counter, before they got too wrinkled and dry! Also, to make something that reminded me of key lime pie, minus the eggs and custard-making procedure, and the crust. The result was refreshing, like […]

Dried fruit compote

I found myself with several half-empty packets of dried fruit, not to mention brandy syrup (in the fridge, ‘natch) leftover from winter dessert parties. I thought a compote would nicely accessorize other sweet dishes, not to mention easily frozen until needed. You can serve this warm or cold with yogurt, rice pudding — especially good […]

Elderflower & crème fraîche ice cream

I’m a fiend for elderflower-flavored goodies — the aroma reminds me of British gardens, not to mention the lushness of spring, and relief from the heat of summer. The weather is getting hot over here, so I find it high time to make an ice cream with this most refreshing of floral extracts.

Preserved Meyer lemons

Every two or three years, our Meyer lemon tree has a boom season where all we see are fruits covering and weighing down the branches, as if the leaves have gone on vacation. This is one of those years. Other than using them in nearly every savory dish, not to mention lemon curd and lemonade, […]